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Social Justice Matters at The Mount


Sixth Form pupil and boarder, Lisa, has just started weekly work experience with our school Marketing Department as part of her ambition to work in sports’ marketing. Congratulations on her first news story:

Today is World Day of Social Justice, observed globally each year on February 20. Amid serious injustices and increasing job insecurity, it’s important to create fairer and more equal societies.

“Being aware of injustice and doing little about it condones that injustice.” – Quaker Faith and Practice, 23.36

The idea behind celebrating this annual day is that improving social justice should be the primary goal of all national and international policies.

Sixth Form/College Mount pupils Caterina and Libby express their thoughts on social justice by being part of PeaceJam UK, which met at the Mount School only last night.

Caterina said, “Social justice is about treating other people with equal respect and not discriminating against their appearance, for example.”

They talked about this fascinating international education programme – where young people take action to start a social change project to tackle the root cause of the most pressing issue in their community as part of the One Billion Acts of Peace campaign – and shared details of their recent activities.

Libby said, “We’re completing various social action projects and recently we went to PeaceJam Slam in Leeds where we discussed and planned these interesting enterprises with other schools.”

Caterina and Libby interacted with different people from assorted backgrounds to find common ground.

New generations and future leaders like these Mount pupils are transforming themselves, our local communities and the world by thinking about how to make the future better for all.

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