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Sports Psychologist Visits Mount A Level Psychology Pupils


It’s always great when Old Scholars come back to talk to us but today’s presentation from Charlotte Copland-Jones was simply brilliant and inspiring. At The Mount, we offer a regular programme of visiting speakers and career guidance, made even better when an Old Scholar shares their achievements and wisdom.

Talented Charlotte is currently a Sports Psychologist-in-training after completing her BSc Degree and MSc Masters in Sports and Exercise Psychology at Loughborough University. She talked to our Psychology A Level class today about the route into Sports Psychology but also about key considerations relevant when pursuing any career.

Charlotte discussed her current work with a local football academy and women’s rugby club. She outlined four examples of celebrities who have benefited from working with a Sports Psychologist including gymnast Simone Biles who bravely put her mental health first when experiencing ‘the twisties,’ a mental block when starting a routine. She shared the story of Leah Williamson, England Football captain, who struggled with performance anxiety which meant she was wishing her career away rather than enjoying it in the moment before her sports psychologist helped her deal with these difficult issues.

Charlotte’s insights into asking yourself what motivates and excites you as well as getting over ‘impostor syndrome’ made for lively discussion and food for thought.

Charlotte said:

“My advice to Mount girls is, be a self-starter, build a network, be resilient and stay curious.

My time at The Mount allowed me to study PE, excel at Netball where I was spotted for Satellite, then County level but more than that I still remember the Quaker School Text to this day.

I now carefully choose clients with shared values where well being is valued alongside performance, not instead of it. This has roots in Quakerism from my school days and in my friendship group I am known as the grounded one, the one you go to for advice without judgement, qualities instilled at The Mount.”

Thank you so much for your time, Charlotte, and see you soon when you offer sports psychology sessions to our sports teams across Swimming, Netball and Hockey to name a few, and bespoke individual advice on managing anxiety and nerves before any new endeavours, framing nerves as excitement.

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