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World Book Day Celebrations


Children throughout the Junior School celebrated #WorldBookDay yesterday as they arrived dressed as their favourite storybook character.  

From Hermione to Elsa, Matilda to Zog, the classrooms were filled with an assortment of recognisable faces from the children’s most loved stories.  

Later in the day, pupils in Year 2 and Pre-School gathered in the Senior School library to complete a mystery quiz and to help the School Librarian solve the puzzle of the missing painting. They were given a series of clues to work through in search of the hidden goods. Forming a formidable trio, Emily, Brooke and Ivy, (or Hermione, Harry Potter and Moaning Myrtle as they were) used their wizardry to aid the group.  

Once finished, the children gathered on the comfortable bench to read Emily’s favourite book, and the inspiration behind her wonderful costume; The Mousehole Mice & The Theatre by the Sea. She was joined by a host of characters, including Isadora Moon, Pippi Longstocking, Little Miss Chatterbox and a fabulous pink unicorn even made an appearance. 

Popular characters from Author, Harriet Muncaster were among the widely celebrated, with Luna, Edie and Mirabel representing Isadora Moon and Victoria Stitch. Earlier in the week Luna had attended an in store signing with Harriet where she received some insider information about her latest book. 

“She was really happy that I read her books and her newest one is all about mermaids.” –  Luna 

Take a look through our World Book Day 2023 gallery and see if you can spot your favourite character amongst the costumes.  

Well done to everyone who took part and bravely stood up in front of the group to share their favourite book and why: 

Naomi – Highway Rat 

Florence – Highway Rat 

Hettie – Belle  

Elodie – Litle Miss Chatterbox 

Athena – Bee 

Violet – Alice in Wonderland 

Emily B – Hermione (Harry Potter) 

Ivy – Moaning Myrtle (Harry Potter) 

Mary – Cinderella 

Hattie – Matilda  

Luna – Victoria Stitch  

Mirabel- Isadora Moon 

Edie – Isadora Moon 

Arabella – Unicorn 

Emily T – Mouse from Mousehole Family 

Scarlett – Elsa 

Eva – Mad Hatter 

Connie – Pippi Longstocking 

Brooke – Harry Potter 

Anouk – Wizard of Oz 

Sienna – Little Red Riding Hood 

Ottillie – Zog 

Lizzie P – Anna (Frozen) 

Ariana – Pippa the Poppy Fairy (Rainbow Magic Fairy books) 

Elsewhere in the School, pupils were welcomed into the library to take advantage of the free books kindly donated by the School Librarian. Throughout the day, the library was a hive of activity as children searched through the latest books on offer, eagerly looking for their next read.

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