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Candlelit Choral Concert


On Tuesday evening the Senior and Chamber Choirs gave a truly mesmerising performance in the ‘Northern Lights’ Candlelit Choral Concert held at the National Centre for Early Music. 

The evening began with the Chamber Choir singing Te Lucis Ante Terminum from different locations around the stunning medieval building. As the girls’ voices echoed around the converted church, Dr Passmore and Mr Tong lit the candelabras situated around the stage, setting the scene for the night. 

The concept of the performance saw the audience taken on a musical exploration of the regions graced with the Northern Lights, moving from the evening through to the morning. 

The choirs moved to the stage performing a rousing rendition of Vuelie, the Norwegian yoik-inspired opening number from Frozen. Music Scholar Siân (Year 10) and Performing Arts Scholar Isabelle (Year 7) then featured in a setting of Norwegian composer Ola Gjeilo’s Northern Lights as images of the natural phenomena played behind. Photographers from all over the world generously shared their portfolios with Mrs Passmore, from which she was able to create the stunning montage.  

This was followed by a beautiful Icelandic hymn, arranged for strings and led by Eleanor (College II). They were followed with a fantastic piano duet from Dr Passmore and North-East composer Len Young, Dr Passmore’s inspirational music teacher.  

As the programme moved through the night, the Chamber Choir sang an enchanting Lunar Lullaby, and Music Scholar Katie (Year 9) took to the stage to perform Barber’s Sure on this Shining Night. The Senior Choir brought the first half to a close with an evocative performance of Elgar’s The Snow, featuring our violin teachers, Mrs Jowett and Mr Tong. 

The second half opened with the girls evoking a Piteraq (Greenlandic storm). The musical journey then continued with the Chamber Choir and Senior Choir combining forces for a performance of Sibelius’s Finlandia. The Chamber Choir sang the first verse in Finnish, before Dr Passmore and Mr Young drew the audience in once again with a second Norwegian Dance piano duet by Grieg. 

A trio of uplifting pieces from films ensued – Touch the Sky (Brave) led by Isabelle (Year 7), May it Be (Fellowship of the Ring) and a favourite amongst the girls, Miley Cyrus’s The Climb (Hannah Montana). 

As the performance drew to an end, Georgiana (College II) led the choir in a breath-taking performance of Light of a Clear Blue Morning accompanied by Vanessa (College II) on the recorder 

The rapturous applause from the audience was certainly well deserved. Congratulations to everyone involved, the instrumentalists, the singers, and to Dr Passmore, Mrs Passmore and the entire Music Department for arranging a truly wonderful evening. 

“This was a wonderful evening. It was quite remarkable, especially the Nordic weather sequence; congratulations.” – Mount Parent 

An amazing concert. Beautiful music and singing. Well done to all the performers.” –  Mount Parent 

View a two-minute teaser of the breath-taking concert above. A full video will be available to view soon.  

The concert was held to raise funds for the Borealis Society’s upcoming expedition to East Greenland

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