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College Host the Quaker Youth Leadership Conference

The Mount hosted the Northern Quaker Schools ‘Living Our Beliefs’ Youth conference on 19 and 20 June.

College I Leaders and Heads of House joined with pupils from Ackworth and Bootham to hear from Quakers in Yorkshire co-ordinator, Jonathan Baynham and Quakers from the respective schools.

The conference convenors shared with their audience about Quaker history and heritage, testimonies and worship. The Mount’s Clerk of Committee, Margaret Bryan, spoke to the group about Quaker Business Method and discernment.

I thought it was a very good opportunity to learn about Quakerism and its heritage, and an excellent opportunity to make lots of new friends at other Quaker schools,” said Amy, Head of House for Frys. “It will be interesting taking on these skills into our respective roles in College II.

We learned many new skills which we can take on board here at school. It was fun talking with the students at Ackworth and Bootham,” said Chloe, who is a College Leader. “I liked learning about Quaker Business Method. It was interesting to hear that you sit in silence and must be accepted to speak. It’ seems far more civilised than ending up in a big argument.

I enjoyed meeting people from different schools and hearing about how they learn about Quaker faith in their respective schools. It was interesting looking at the Quaker STEPS and values. We knew them all, but didn’t perhaps understand in as much depth what each of them means, and how we can use them within our respective schools and leadership roles,” said Madeleine, Head of House for Terrys.

As hosts, The Mount’s College girls chaperoned their guests between School Hall, the College Common Room and the Dining Room. The guest schools were full of praise for their visit to The Mount and look forward to next year’s conference which will be hosted at Ackworth School.

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