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Dr Nicholas Sykes visits A Level Psychology 


Pupils in College II were joined by consultant paediatric psychiatrist, Rev Dr Nicholas Sykes (MBChB MRCPsych BSc(Hons) PGCME FHEA) who was invited to deliver a presentation to an A Level Psychology class today.  

The fascinating talk was bestowed as part of their introduction to the mental health module of their qualification. 

The girls were introduced to a variety of mental health disorders, including those that can present themselves prior to birth, during adolescence and in adulthood and the various methods available to determine effective treatment for the individual. 

Dr Sykes explained the difficulties in diagnosing medical conditions such as depression, psychosis and other serious mood disorders and the connections between a person’s biological elements, and the effects that pressures and life events can have in developing symptoms. 

As a parent of a Mount School pupil, Dr Sykes sympathises with the pressures of teenagers today, and spoke candidly with the group about the detriments that substance abuse can have on a person’s cognitive and behavioural development, especially in the critical teenage years.  

Following the presentation, the girls were invited to ask questions where they enquired about developments in treatment and what Dr Syke’s profession involves in a typical day at work. 

We would like to thank Dr Sykes for his time, and informative resources that he shared with the class. 

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