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Worthy Winners, Esther and Maggy Tackle Social Inclusion  


Esther in Year 9 and Maggy in Year 7 have been announced as the worthy winners of September’s goIT Monthly Challenge.  

The goIT Monthly Challenge is a recurring opportunity for students to digitally engage in UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in a competitive format – organised by the TCS Empowers Programme.  

The task for September was to ‘create a digital innovation that empowers and promotes the inclusion of all people, regardless of their background.’ Their winning app, entitled ‘A Better World’ is a social platform designed to enable different people, from differing backgrounds to communicate. The girls carefully considered the needs of their users and their safety. Recognising the impact social media can have on the younger generation, Esther and Maggy worked hard to identify the issues that may arise and produced excellent ways in which to overcome them.  

The competition judges praised the pair on their innovation and proactive approach to tackling the problem of social inclusion. They were also commended on their commitment to ensuring people are not lonely and are instead looked after in society.  

Equally impressive was the level of detail that they included in their presentation, and the obvious passion for the topic which is evident throughout. 

In recognition of their excellent work, Esther and Maggy will both receive a certificate from TCS and an Amazon gift voucher. 

View their winning presentation 

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