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Junior School Curriculum Cafe


Junior School pupils’ welcome parents to the Curriculum Cafe!

Following the sucess of last week’s Stay and Play Sessions, on Monday it was the turn of girls in Year 3 to Year 6 to invite their parents into the School. After drop off parents and guardians were invited to the Dining Room to enjoy Coffee and Croissants.

After being welcomed to the Curriculum Cafe by Rachel Capper, Head of Junior School, the girls eagerly joined their parents bringing with them their subject books and a class iPad. Conversations were buzzing around the dining hall as the girls took great pride in displaying their handwriting, maths skills and showing off the various videos and presentations they have created on the ipads.

“I liked being able to let my Mum see all the work we have done in the Explore, Discover, Create lessons. She liked my Science experiment.”

“I showed my Dad all of my schoolbooks. English is my favourite lesson.” 

“I just wanted to say how massively impressed by the Curriculum Cafe and the curriculum I am, and how grateful I am for the amazing education my daughter is receiving at The Mount.

I love the breadth the curriculum spans, and the opportunities the girls have for independent study, group discussion and a real depth of thinking around cultural and personal issues. The maths and english work seems such a high standard, and I could see that she is very proud of all her work, which was lovely to see. 

The contrast between this and her previous school experience  is vast. Before she came to The Mount she was bored and frustrated to the point of listlessness, and now she is full of vitality and enthusiasm and loves being at school (in fact it is a real struggle to get her to take time off when she’s ever ill!).” Year 6 Parent

“I think that is the ‘best quality hour’ I have spent with my daughter all year. What a lovely opportunity to spend an uninterrupted hour watching her burst with pride showing me all her fabulous achievements!” Year 4 Parent

Girls whose parent were unable to make the morning were joined by staff from the Senior School who enjoyed learning more about the work and topics the girls have completed this year.

Thank you to everyone who has visited the Junior School over the past week. Both the staff and children have really valued the opportunity to display their work and show you around the classrooms.

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