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Miryam is Swallows Player of the Season


Miryam, in Year 10 was awarded a trophy for Netball over the summer by her York City Netball club, Swallows. Her skill and dedication to the team cemented Miryam as an important player in helping them to transition to the top of her league. For her role, she was presented with the Player of the Season award. This award comes after also receiving a medal during the team’s annual, York City Netball Summer Camp for her achievements over the year.  

She recently reached the second round of trials for North Yorkshire, and although was unsuccessful this time, Miryam’s positive attitude and sportsmanship enables her to recognise the wonderful achievement she made in getting so far and is appreciative of the experience. 

As well as playing for York City Netball Club outside of school, Miryam is a critical player in representing the school at their fixtures and along with her teammates, continually delivers fantastic results. Congratulations Miryam! 

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