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The Mount Sixth Form has a long history of helping girls to achieve their best academically and socially.  This is achieved in many ways, most of which stem from the values that underpin the School community; to respect and value every individual.


Learning in The Mount Sixth Form allows the girls to foster an independence in a safe and nurturing environment.  We understand the needs of our girls at this stage of learning and the importance of exam preparations, university entrance and employment. Our small class sizes provide opportunities for discussion, interaction and analysis. One to one support is also available to those pupils who may need some additional help. Our A level courses are taught by dedicated teachers who inspire the girls to achieve their best. Teachers are keen to share their passions for their subjects and encourage girls to discover more.

Development – Global Thinking

Our Quaker ethos means that a Mount education is about more than just passing exams. In order to become women who can let their lives speak, we believe that girls need to nurture and develop their knowledge, skills and understanding of living as a part of a community and the wider world. Our unique Global Thinking programme helps and encourages our girls to become leaders. 

PeaceJam School of Excellence

We are very proud to have been recognised as a PeaceJam School of Excellence. PeaceJam is an organisation inspired by Nobel Peace Prize Laureates, who aim to create young leaders to make a positive change in themselves, their communities and the world. As part of the PeaceJam Curriculum Sixth Form girls have travelled from Bradford to Monaco to Denver and worked with Nobel Laureates. In School, they take inspiration from the Laureates to make a difference in our changing world. Sixth Form at The Mount is a global community and through the PeaceJam curriculum we help girls learn how to successfully work and achieve in the sort of multi-cultural environment that many of them will work in in the future. Girls are supported and encouraged to engage in our local school and city communities, and to participate in social action projects, which require them to learn how to talk to people in power, to persuade them to change and to evaluate their success.  

Girls develop a confident awareness

At The Mount girls develop a confident awareness of their place in the world.  The PeaceJam Curriculum and weekly Global Thinking sessions encourage girls to be informed, active and responsive so that they will be well equipped to thrive in tomorrow’s changing workplace.