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World Maths Day 2022


Year 8 girls took part in various online Maths challenges as part of World Maths Day 2022 on 23 March. The annual event sees participants across the globe battle it out as they improve their skills and practice maths questions under pressure.

Students taking part can challenge each other, or strangers to compete for the highest score and a chance to be featured in the ‘hall of fame’. The hall of fame, leader board shows where the individual has scored in the country and where the school has also placed against rival schools. The 24-hour challenge, covering the 23rd March entirely around the world started at 7pm last night for the UK and will run all the way through until 7am tomorrow night.

“We have been doing challenges where you do different maths problems against different people from around the world to see who can win. I have been pretty successful, coming first and second in most of my rounds, my highest score is 40.” – Betsy

“World Maths Day is against the clock and live literally all around the world. The students are competing mental arithmetic challenges at different levels to build their scores. The questions are rapid fire and they can be literally playing against anybody from anywhere in the world. It is head-to-head challenges.” – Mrs Mumby, Head of Year 7 & 8

“It’s nice to know that you’re playing against someone else and it’s not just your usual lesson. I think it’s nice to be interactive and you can go against people in your year, I really like it. We are getting competitive with each other.” – Romy

Betsy played someone in Australia live and Ava had enjoyed playing lots of people abroad, despite the vast time differences.

For more details on where The Mount School places on the leader board, please check the social media channels after the event has closed.


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