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House Music Competition Returns for 2023


It was the return of the annual House Music Competition on Friday Afternoon. Each House took to the stage to impress the judging panel and excitable audience members. 

Director of Music, Dr Andrew Passmore did a wonderful job as compere for the event, successfully navigating a few minor technical difficulties with humour. Synonymous with the typical ‘the show must go on’ attitude, the girls didn’t let any mishaps get in the way of their fantastic performances.  

The competition opened with each House performing a small group number, closely followed by the solos. The event culminated in the whole house performances as each group performed together to try and cinch the win. In an array of colour and costume, intertwined with exuberant determination, the girls sashayed and twirled along to the upbeat soundtracks of top hits from the likes of Rihanna, The Spice Girls, Beyonce and Justin Bieber. All the while, the audience cheered in support and sang along to the catchy beats. 

Once all the performers had graced the stage, attentions were turned back to the host and the judging panel to deliver the highly anticipated verdict. They had several new additions to their points awarding criteria this year including; obvious signs of rehearsal, accompanying music provided by the pupils and not a backing track and everyone knowing the words. 

Dr Andrew Passmore passed on his praise for the show before announcing the winners, adding: “The standard compared to last year is spectacular, so well done. Just imagine what it will be like next year!”   

2023 Results:  

4th place (232 points) – Fry 

3rd place – (240 points) – Cadbury 

2nd place – (256 points)- Rowntree 

1st place – (310 points) – Terry’s 

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