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Empowering Girls

We know girls can, and girls do at The Mount. We empower each girl with the courage to believe in herself. We teach girls that there is enormous power in being a woman. 

We strongly believe in helping girls to accept and be comfortable with who they are, free of ‘gender stereotypes.’ Our all-girls Senior School provides an environment where girls are free to work through the challenges of adolescence without the fear of embarrassment. Girls learn that they are valued and by learning their worth they are empowered to get in touch with their own inherent values. Our girls are happy, they trust in their choices and grow in self-esteem. They focus their energies on their learning and enjoyment. 

“The Mount’s all-girl education creates an environment in which girls can be themselves, have confidence in their abilities and recognise that anything is possible, and aspirations are achievable.” Current Parent 

Bespoke Learning

We are passionate about girls and their education. We are dedicated to championing the educational and developmental need of girls. Senior School girls thrive in an ideal learning environment. Taught by experts in understanding girls’ needs, we inspire girls by teaching them in a manner that they instinctively respond to, instruction and lessons are tailored to girls.  Our bespoke and engaging curriculum is tailored to motivate and enthuse girls from Year 7 right through to Sixth Form. 

“The all-girl environment has given me more confidence in lessons to ask questions without embarrassment, and to have big aspirations compared to my previous experience in a co-ed School.” Sixth Form Pupil

Girls are confident

“Pupils in lessons were exuberantly confident” ISI Inspection
Mount girls are exuberantly confident because they know they can be. They have the conviction to ask questions, take risks, make decisions and most importantly be themselves. All girls are taught to believe in the strength of their voice, to speak up and participate. We believe girls should be heard and their thoughts valued; we listen to their views and they know they can contribute positively and make a difference within the whole School.  Mount girls know that nothing is impossible if they put their minds to it. They hold high aspirations because, in our all-girls environment, girls have the confidence to know they are valued for who they are.