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Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland


Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland premiered last night as the Senior School annual production, and it truly was wonder-ful.

Based on Lewis Carroll’s beloved tale, the play conveys the story’s essence within twelve action-packed and beautifully paced scenes. From first auditions back in the Autumn term, until yesterday evening, the production has been meticulously planned to withstand all manner of covid scenarios, including three different Alices and a very large and enthusiastic cast and crew.

In this last week, it’s been a lot of fun rehearsing with all the props and costumes. We’ve been doing the play over and over again and most of it’s perfect. We’re going to make Mrs Buckley proud,” said Harriet (Year 10) who plays one of the Alices and is absolutely right; they did make Mrs Buckley proud.

Being part of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland has been great,” said Kay (College I), who plays the Knave of Hearts. “I like the fact that all the years teamed up to participate.

Sophie (College I) who handles the lighting, said, “I think Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland is especially lovely because we haven’t had a production for two years. I came in at the end of rehearsals and got all the lights going. Everyone has their role and their part to play, whether it’s in the cast or crew. It’s nice to see everyone come together, especially everyone in the younger years.

Girls in Year 8 made beautiful bird-themed headdresses, Year 9 created the soaring stage props and Year 10 fashioned the flamingos which are a crucial part of the play’s imagery.

With the closing night this evening, all involved may rest assured that they have created a very fine entertainment indeed.

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