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College Girls Mean Business


College I Business girls Isla, Rosa, Cici and Julia recently spend time at the York Cocoa Works discovering the daily life of a chocolatier by making their own hand-crafted chocolates.

This visit was the First Prize from a competition the class won during York Business Week in November. The prize was to make their own design of chocolates which will be sold at the York Cocoa Works.

“Dusting the moulds was fun, but not as easy as I thought.” – Cici 

“I now realise how time-consuming the chocolate-making process is.” – Julia 

“The Cocoa Works is a fantastic learning experience.” – Rosa 

“Next time I buy chocolate, I’ll think of the production process more.” – Isla 

#DidYouKnow The Mount has a rich history with chocolate, having been originally founded by York’s Quaker families (who owned the chocolate factories). The school’s Houses are all named after the chocolate manufacturing families and mid-morning break is still called Choc Lunch from the days when the families would send the girls hot chocolate from the factories.

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