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College II Chemistry Projects

In Chemistry, College II were set a task to select an area of research that interests them, produce five slides and present their findings to one another. The girls enjoyed exploring their own interests and produced work beyond A-Level standard, linking this to their own future areas of study. “It was a wonderful conclusion to two years hard work on their Chemistry course,” said Mrs Gingele, Head of Chemistry.
Sasha researched buffer systems in the blood. She firstly discussed the optimal pH of blood in the body and how the buffering system works in terms of Chemistry to maintain the pH of the blood. She then explored causes and the associated symptoms a person gets if their blood becomes too acidic (acidosis) or too alkaline (alkalosis). She linked their symptoms to the Chemistry to described how the body tries to restore an optimal pH. Sasha delivered the presentation with confidence and her understanding and enthusiasm for the subject shone through.
Sophie researched ketosis in cow’s milk. She chose Holstein cows as this breed is known to produce a lot of milk. She presented her research from the perspective of a vet visiting a sick cow that had recently given birth. By a process of elimination and various tests, it was found a cow had ketosis. Sophie explained what ketosis is, the Biochemistry of ketosis and the molecules involved. She also linked the Chemistry of ketosis to Sasha’s presentation. Finally, she gave treatment options and how farmers can minimise the chances of cows developing ketosis. Sophie’s captivating presentation showed her passion for veterinary science. Sophie commented it was the most interesting thing she had done all lockdown.
Kilmenny researched Gemstones. She confidently explained the chemistry behind the origin of the different colours of gemstones such as sapphires, the difference between natural and synthetic gemstones and details of how to synthesise gemstones in the lab. She also explored the quality and price of natural gemstones compared to synthetic ones. Kilmenny delivered her presentation with enthusiasm and clarity and backed up her presentation with beautiful imagery.
Nicole researched Chemical disasters. She defined a chemical disaster and researched where chemical disasters can occur including accidental and non-accidental incidents. Nicole explored real life examples such as the Flixborough disaster and Bhopal disaster and evaluated the impacts on society, the environment and the economy. Finally Nicole emphasised the importance to adhering to health and safety regulations. Although Nicole was unable to attend the presentation, she was keen to contribute her excellent research.
Laura chose to explore an economic theme as this relates to her future studies and interests. Laura chose the theme of the financial crisis of 2008. She defined economic terms such as recession, explored the causes of the financial crisis such as the sub-prime mortgage market and explained how the actions of greed from individuals contributed to the crash. Laura explained her research with clarity and passion, taking into consideration that the audience may have limited knowledge of this subject area.
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