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College II EPQs


College II girls have begun delivering their Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) presentations.

Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) presentations show university admissions tutors that a candidate is capable of handling the rigors of academic life

The EPQ allows each student to embark on a largely self-directed project on a topic of their choice where they plan, research and develop their idea. EPQ topics are often a direct link to a student’s career aspirations. Mount girls begin their EPQ in College I, delivering their final presentation during the Autumn term in College II.

Millie, who wants to study politics at university, gave a presentation which explored whether images or words are more powerful. Clarissa, who wants to study in linguistics, looked at the benefits of bilingualism, and Grace, who wants to study business, looked at the impact chocolate has had in York’s history and present life.

Sian Gabraitis, Head of Art who supervises the School’s EPQ offer, said, “Millie, Clarissa and Grace gave really solid presentations where the enthusiasm for their topic was very much in evidence. I was impressed at how well they fielded questions from their peers and staff. In UCAS applications, university admissions tutors give weight to EPQs, as they show a candidate’s ability to handle the rigors of academic life.”

Other EPQ presentations this year include:

  • Time dilation and wormholes (Daisy, who wants to study Physics)
  • An architectural scale model for social housing and employment opportunities for the disabled, using upcycled shipping containers (Beth, who wants to study Architecture)
  • The impact of pollution on coral reefs (Izzy, who wants to study Geography)
  • The impact of Music Therapy on children with autism spectrum disorder (Ellie, who wants to study Medicine).

There are three more EPQ sessions to run this year. College I’s are already busy thinking about their EPQs for next year.