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College II Iceland Expedition 2022


The last international school trip our current College IIs were able to fully enjoy was the School Ski Trip to Folgarida in December 2019.  The following term, the world of travel changed quite dramatically. The cohort has been able to go on Duke of Edinburgh expeditions and curricular excursions within the UK, but not further afield.

So it was a nice surprise for them to be visited yesterday lunchtime by Nigel Bidgood FRGS. He spoke with the College IIs about Borealis expeditions, and offered them the opportunity to take part in a truncated Borealis expedition this summer.

This expedition will be the first part of the new Borealis Society which launches next Friday with an exciting presentation in School Hall.

The girls thanked Nigel Bidgood for his visit. “Mr Bidgood’s visit opened our eyes to an amazing opportunity, because we had never heard of it before,” said Sophie in College II, “it sounds like a once in a lifetime opportunity. I think it’s good for the school to have this partnership. I don’t know if we’ve had anything like this in the past. Obviously we’ve had school trips for subjects but we’ve haven’t had anything like this before, and it does sound like it’s going to be amazing.”

It’s good that they have given us this option, because obviously we will be leaving, so it’s nice to that they have thought about what we might like to do as a year,” said Lottie.