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Eggcellent MythBuster with NetworkRail for International Day of the Girl


Eighty happy schoolgirls from across North Yorkshire celebrated International Day of the Girl at The Mount today, with NetworkRail’s Inspire Network’s MythBuster workshop.

Pupils from All Saints Primary, BAWB Federation, The Mount Junior School, Richmond House, Sutton-On-The-Forest Primary, Tang Hall Primary and Terrington Hall Preparatory shared their career aspirations with the Inspire Network.

They worked in teams to design, create and decorate a harness that would allow an egg to be dropped from a height above 2metres, without breaking. The Inspire Network volunteers noted that they could identify those pupils who showed natural affinity for project management, and those who were instinctive technicians. The girls all enjoyed the task, and liked watching the fruits of their labours as their encapsulated eggs were dropped from a height.

EggDrop Eggsperiment!

eggs in their carton, decorated with googly eyes to give the appearance of faces
The girls took their decorating very seriously!

Our guests said they very much enjoyed the day, and look forward to celebrating with us again next year. We look forward to having the NetworkRail Inspire Network join us again for International Women’s Day in March 2024.

NetworkRail MythBuster workshop volunteers
The MythBuster Workshop
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