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Exhibition Celebrates Notable Old Scholars


The Mount was delighted to welcome back on Saturday Old Scholars, family and Friends for the launch of a new exhibition celebrating notable Old Scholars, their lives and achievements.

Guests included Dame Margaret Drabble, professor emeritus of the Open University, Ruth Finnegan, Sally Dunkley, Chief Plant Officer Nicola Spence CBE, Cheryl Taylor, Professor Jean Hartley, Jehona Gjurgjeala and the families of Burke Benton, Her Excellency Dr Bryony Mathew and Sophie Hetherton to herald the official opening of the exhibition. Principal David Griffiths welcomed the esteemed guests, saying, “This collection is exceptional in the diversity of careers, backgrounds and notable achievements of Old Scholars. The one golden thread that each of these lives has in common is qui fidelis est in parvo; the faithfulness in small things which in turn nurtures a faithfulness in many and great things. These women, these lives, these achievements, share common values which guide our school to this day. I can think of no better way to demonstrate to our girls that they share an equal footing with such remarkable role models who once walked these same hallways. What a powerful way for a girl to connect with the confidence that she can positively impact the world around her.

Curating the exhibition gave rise to inspiration for this year’s Festival of Ideas events hosted by The Mount. After seeing how the lives of Anna Haslam, Margaret Crosfield, Elsie Impey, Jean Rowntree and Noni Jabavu, are under-celebrated by society in general, the school has now partnered with a project aptly titled, “A Few Forgotten Women” and the Rowntree Society for a panel discussion and workshops in June.

The exhibition will remain on display for the duration of the Summer term in the Dining Room and the corridor toward School Hall.