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Future Engineers Deliver at IET Faraday Challenge


On Friday 28 April, 6 students from Year 8 were selected to attend the IET Faraday Challenge held at the University of York. The annual event aims to challenge pupils in a variety of real-word STEM activities as they compete against other teams for prizes and a coveted trophy.  

Each year participants are tasked with providing solutions to an engineering problem that they present before a panel for judging. Along with the help of  their host, Mick, the Mount pupils worked together to navigate initial difficulties with their prototypes. The girls had a fantastic time and learnt a lot about perseverance and working as a team.

What the pupils had to say: 

“I enjoyed the challenge today because I came across different aspects of being engineers that I never thought of and that all of the difficulties in making our prototype were quickly overcome with solutions” – Amelie

I thoroughly enjoyed our trip as it was very planned out and executed well. Mick was our host and he did a very good job introducing us to the ropes of the Faraday IET Challenge” – Lily 

“I found the IET Faraday Challenge a great chance to express my inner engineering skills and learning how to work well in a team. We discovered how to develop an idea and how to bring this idea together as a team. Although we faced some challenges, we quickly overcame them” – Minnie 

“I really enjoyed the IET trip because we got to work as a team and get to know more about each other. We didn’t have a very high budget to build are model but we still got through and did very well.” – Betsy

“I really enjoyed the IET Faraway Challenge Day. I think we as a team did really well in creating our prototype. I had fun and learned a lot about engineering from Mick (the host).” – Emma 

“This was a really good opportunity and we all really enjoyed working as a team. Some highlights were sticking exactly to the budget. Getting annoyed at a motor and basically doing amazing. Even though we didn’t win, we came close and we all learnt a lot.” – Peggy

“We all had different jobs in making our project. I was the accountant, Peggy was the project manager, Minnie was the design manager, Betsy was the backup design manager, Amelie was the presentation manager and Lily was the safety manager.” – Emma 

The theme partner for competition this year is UKRI’s Future Flight Challenge. To learn more about the IET Faraday Challenge, visit the website here.

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