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Fingers on Buzzers for Inaugural Spelling Bee


The inaugural Mount Spelling Bee got off to a spectacular start yesterday with representatives from across the school taking part to display their spelling capabilities.  

In a group effort, staff and pupils joined forces to represent the House Teams of Cadbury, Fry, Rowntree’s, and Terry’s as they took it in turns to repeat and spell a range of challenging, unusual and commonly misspelt words. Including, the notably difficult to remember, ‘necessary’ and ‘parallel.’  

Teachers were called upon to open the first round, with Mr Knill, Mr Mcaleese, Miss Gibb and Mrs Nuttall taking on the challenge. With the promise of a packet of M&S ‘Percy Pigs’ to play for, the stakes were high, and tensions mounted during the quick-fire rounds.

In a close opening stage, joint winners emerged as Cadbury & Fry’s, with Rowntree and Terry’s closely following in joint second place.  

Team members for the remaining rounds were: 


Isabelle – Y6
Emelia – Y7
Milly – Y8
Miryam – Y9
Scarlett – Y10
Vanessa – College I 


Agnes – Y5
Minnie – Y7
Charlotte – Y8
Emilia – Y9
Berlin – Y10
Romilly – College I 


Melanie – Y6
Hannah – Y7
Emily – Y8
Lana – Y9
Emma – Y10
Leilani – College I 


Eleanor – Y6
Emma – Y7
Amelia – Y8
Katelyn – Y9
Sian – Y10
Georgiana – College I 

Our independent adjudicators, in the form of College I pupil’s Ruby and Izzy, were on hand to oversee proceedings and to ensure nobody misbee-haved over the course of the afternoon.  

As the teams patiently awaited their elected spelling in the hopes of amassing points, it was ultimately Terry’s that were crowned ‘Queen Bees’ of the competition. After a nail-biting tiebreaker which saw them take on worthy opponents Cadbury, the winning team amassed a total of 20 points.

Well done to everyone who volunteered to take part!

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