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Junior School Council first meeting


The Junior School Council held its first meeting of the school day today, setting the stage for a year filled with student-driven initiatives and improvements. Led by Year 6 dynamic duo of Lorelei and Hope, young leaders from each year group came together to discuss various aspects of Junior School life.

The meeting, which took place in the heart of the school, was characterised by lively and engaging discussions on issues dear to the hearts of Junior School pupils. Among the hot topics of the day were:

  1. Maximising Cloakroom Space: The council deliberated ways to better utilise this space efficiently and make those busy mornings a little smoother.
  2. Vegetarian Lunch Options: In an increasingly health-conscious world, the council recognised the need for more vegetarian meal choices during lunchtime. Ensuring that every student has tasty and nutritious options is a priority.
  3. Ice Cream Delights: Ice cream lovers were not forgotten. The spirited debate over ice cream flavors showcased the diverse palates within the Junior School. From classic vanilla to mint choc chip, all opinions were heard.

One of the most exciting topics of discussion revolved around the much-beloved adventure playground. The council pondered over potential additions and upgrades, with one suggestion garnering particular enthusiasm – a slide!

In a bid to foster open communication and encourage creative thinking, the council concluded that it would be a fantastic idea to introduce a “Suggestions Box” within the Junior School premises. This thoughtful initiative would allow all students to share their ideas, concerns, and suggestions for future discussions, ensuring that the Junior School remains a place where young voices are heard and valued.

As Lorelei and Hope lead the way, we asked them why they put themselves forwards as reps “The responsibility” smiled Hope, “I like to help to make changes in Junior School,” answered Lorelei. One thing was clear the Junior School Council’s commitment to enhancing the school experience for all pupils. With innovative ideas and a passion for positive change, this group of young leaders promises a dynamic year ahead.

Stay tuned for more updates as the Junior School Council continues to shape the future of Junior School life!