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More Prestigious Awards For The Mount School Borealis Society, East Greenland Expedition 2024


The Mount continues to be recognised for its groundbreaking expedition preparatory work, led by a talented team under the expert  guidance of Nigel Bidgood, Head of The Mount Borealis Society.

Following on from the recent generous awards made by The Gino Watkins Memorial Trust, The Mount School Borealis Society East Greenland Expedition has received two further significant awards to support two young Trainee  Assistant Leaders, travelling to Greenland in July 2024.

Talented Mary Betteridge, who left The Mount School in 2022, and who is presently a student at University of York, studying Mathematics, has been awarded full funding by The Ganton Educational Trust, based in Sheffield. This wonderful news will allow Mary to take part in the expedition to East Greenland as she continues to develop her outdoor profile and skills. Mary was a pupil who took part in The Mount Borealis Society North West Iceland Expedition, in 2022. Since then, The Mount has sponsored her to pursue her Mountain Leader Summer Award which involves completing specific training courses and gaining experience from spending as much time in the mountains as possible.

Rosie Morrison, who left The Mount in 2023 and who is presently taking a gap year, prior to studying Geography at Loughborough University in September 2024, has also been awarded significant funding from The Lord Mayor’s 800th Anniversary Awards Trust, based in London. This will also support Rosie as an Assistant Leader on the East Greenland Expedition this July. Rosie also took part in the Borealis Society North West Iceland Expedition in 2022 as a Mount pupil, and since leaving school, joined the same development programme sponsored by The Mount to gain her Mountain Leader Summer Award.

Both Mary and Rosie have been invited to talk about their experiences in East Greenland at the next Arctic Club dinner at Plas Y Brenin, in December 2024. Rosie has also been invited to a reception at Mansion House, London, this Autumn, as a recipient of the award from The Lord Mayor’s 800th Anniversary Award Trust.

Principal, David Griffiths, said:

“The recognition from these awards is exactly what a Mount education is all about. I am so thrilled that our innovative programme of expedition preparedness and leadership, plus research and hands-on volunteering, is receiving such well-deserved plaudits under Nigel Bidgood’s expertise and guidance.

I am proud to sponsor these young female leaders and remain passionate and committed to empowering young women to develop multiple areas of interest to prepare them for happy, full and rewarding lives. These opportunities to explore the world will pay dividends and fit perfectly with our Quaker values of giving back to communities across the globe.”

Nigel Bidgood, Head of The Mount Borealis Society, said:

“The Mount is proud to support the development of young female leaders because it is so difficult for young outdoor enthusiasts to develop both the qualifications and experiences necessary in current times. This applies to being able to finance both the training and the expeditions. Nationally, this has led to a shortage of young leaders, particularly female ones. I raised this important issue during a recent lecture to The Arctic Club, which immediately set up a grant system to support the training and development of young trainee leaders, for which we thank them.

It’s wonderful to be recognised by such prestigious organisations as The Arctic Club, The University of Cambridge (Scott Polar Research Institute) and The Royal Geographical Society. We thank them all heartily for these generous awards which will allow our girls to realise their dreams and pave the way and inspire the next generation of intrepid young women, exploring and learning from the amazing world around them.”