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Mount Girls Make Their Mark


Three College girls lead a campaign for Senior School pupils to vote this week in a national ballot to decide which issues will be debated by members of the UK Youth Parliament in the House of Commons this November.   

Millie, Chesca and Izzy held an assembly with the entire Senior School to discuss the ballot and the issues being proposed for debate. They separately approached each year group during Form Time to discuss the ten issues appearing on the ballot.  

The ten topics covered mental health, period poverty, lowering the voting age to 16, ending knife crime, devolving curriculum for life skills, supporting youth services, equal pay, homelessness, public transport and welcoming refugees.  

“It’s a great opportunity to get involved in something which really matters, to our generation,” says Millie.

Head of The Mount’s Sixth Form College, Michael Spiers, said, “Milly, Chesca and Izzy showed exceptional initiative in championing this ballot among their peers and throughout the senior school. They took ownership of the entire process from the very start. The girls have not only used their own voice, they’ve encouraged other young women to use their own voices, to understand that it’s important to do so. This is a very powerful thing. The Mount’s unique Quaker ethos nurtures a sense of egalitarianism and a respect for others that is rooted in self-respect.”

College girls Chesca, Izzy and Millie organised for the entire Senior School to vote on which issues should be debated by the UK Youth Parliament in November