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Advancing in Composition


The Mount School’s Music Department is currently undergoing refurbishment work following a rolling programme to update each room. The Music Technology room was recently completed including an upgrade to the IT provision. A-Level and GCSE Musicians are delighted with new iMacs featuring software that has opened up a whole new world of Music composition.

We’re using a different software which we can access on the Macs. We are exploring how to use the software, which is really cool. The Macs are connectable to the keyboards, so we can play straight into the programme. – Nessa (College I)

This has loops on the Logic function, so we can now use those. – Izzy (College I)

The new iMacs enable us to achieve a much higher level of outcome in the girls’ composition work. We now have state-of-the-art sequencing in the recording programme, as well as better writing software, which means we can explore truly outstanding compositions. They can write much more complex harmonies and melodies and explore timbres of instrumental families which we were unable to do before,” said Mrs Derbyshire, Head of Music.

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