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Reminder: Upcoming Borealis Society Lecture


The preparations and planning for the East Greenland Expedition are continuing and the next Borealis Society Lecture will be on Friday 21st April 2023 commencing at 7:00pm in the School Hall.  

Nigel Bidgood will be giving a presentation on “The origins and adaptations to survival of the Arctic flora of East Greenland”. Within the presentation, Nigel will be outlining the details of the scientific project that the expedition team members will be undertaking in the mountains of East Greenland as an integral part of this essentially mountaineering expedition. 

Everyone is welcome to attend the lecture and refreshments will be served commencing at 6:30pm in the Dining Room.  

David Griffiths, the Principal of The Mount School commented: “The integration of scientific and other academic studies into an essentially Arctic wilderness mountaineering expedition is something that I wholeheartedly support, as Principal. This is education as it should be, truly holistic in format but with a central academic backbone around which everything else is structured. It is distinctly humbling that such respected bodies as The University of Cambridge and the Royal Geographical Society have supported our aims at The Mount by presenting the Borealis Society East Greenland Expedition with such an impressive award”.  

Register your attendance here.

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