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Saving Turtles & Helping A Friend


Congratulations to Morgan and Charla whose newly published book, Help Save The Turtles, arrived this afternoon.

While the girls were very excited to open the parcel and see the result of their efforts, they are more excited about how this will help others. Charla, author, and Morgan, illustrator, created the story to draw attention to marine conservation and reducing waste. But the book will also help to make a difference to a special young person.

“It’s to raise money for my friend to buy a new disability bike, because she’s outgrown her old one,” said Charla. The book has arrived in time for The Mount’s #GoGreenWeek next week which will draw attention to environmental conservation and well-being.

The book is available via Amazon. 

The Mount’s Quaker ethos promotes peace, equality, truth, sustainability and social justice.

Charla and Morgan’s book has been covered on local television …

… and in the York Press.