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Swim, Run and Dance


Libby’s Champion Effort

Libby with her Yorkshire U13 Girls’ Biathlon medal

Well done to Libby (Y8) who swam a personal best (PB) in the Yorkshire Biathlon competition to take the Silver medal. Libby has now qualified for the U13 Girls National Biathlon Championships in November and the Schools’ Biathlon next March. Read the full report on our Facebook page.

She said, “After my run, it was the first time I’d competed in the 1600m is much longer than I normally run so it felt a bit tired. After I’d finished my swim I went higher up in the rankings because I achieved a new PB and my time was a couple of milliseconds off the Yorkshire record. I’m competing at a gala soon so I hope to improve my time.


Ava’s Elmhurst Debut

Ava (Y8) was selected to dance with the Summer school of Elmhurst Ballet School, a world renowned centre of excellence for the training and education of ballet dancers.

Ava had also been selected to dance in the English Youth Ballet’s production of Swan Lake at the York Theatre Royal in September but when she realised that rehearsals clashed with Elmhurst Summer school dates, she took the mature decision of electing to attend Summer school instead, so that the EYB could select a dancer who could commit to their rehearsal schedule.

Ava said, “Elmhurst was very intense and I learned a lot. The facilities were very professional and I can see why it has such a good reputation among ballet dancers.


The Mount is York’s only independent school which does not have Saturday lessons, allowing girls the time and space outside of the school week to pursue personal excellence in whatever interests them.