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The Human Body Roadshow


In their Spring term Creative Curriculum, Junior School girls have studied the human body. During remote learning, they worked from home, or in school, on projects which explored facets of the body in greater detail. Since returning to school, they have been able to consolidate that learning. Had we been able to have parents visit us in school, we would have held a Science Fair but, with things as they are, instead the girls created presentations of their Science Fair exhibits in the Human Body Roadshow.

Some girls created models, some conducted experiments. Everyone enjoyed themselves and the girls were able to demonstrate that they certainly had learned a lot about the human body! Parents will be able to see the girls’ presentations via SeeSaw.

The Junior School’s Creative Curriculum harnesses, not only the girls’ diverse learning strengths, but also their thinking styles. By adopting a universal design for learning (UDL) approach, the Creative Curriculum allows all children an equal opportunity to access and engage with learning materials, and to demonstrate what they know. This promotes a collective enthusiasm which positively supports learning and mental health.

Lizzy said, “I enjoyed most making my model of the human heart. I’m more of an arts and crafts person than someone who likes to write a lot. I like to create things so it was more interesting for me to learn about the heart this way.