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Unleashing Creativity: Ian Murphy Summer Art School returns!

This week we welcomed back renowned British artist Ian Murphy to The Mount. Ian is running the School’s second Summer Art School.

Young artists from across Yorkshire took part in a week of contemporary workshops and tutorials experimenting with drawing, sketching, painting and mixed media.  

Throughout the week Ian has shared his insight into the creative processes he follows and where he draws inspiration from. Pupils have learnt more about scale and how to transform their initial sketches to large scale paintings.  

The week comprised of four stages: 

1) Investigation – what will the project be?
2) Development – develop ideas, skills and techniques
3) Connection – connect with the artist and understand their teachings
4) Outcome – produce a final piece of work. 

Later in the week pupils were challenged to experiment with mixed media encouraging them not to be afraid to take artistic risks.  

Ian focused on providing support and guidance to each pupil helping them to produce a strong portfolio of work. “It’s important that pupils integrate the work into their own individual practice whatever level they are at, whether it be GCSE, A Level or preparation for future study,” comments Ian. 

At the end of the week the young artists produced 7/8 pieces of work in a variety of media including pen, graphite and oil painting.  

“It’s been a great week! I’ve not worked with oil paints before and on this scale. I’ve learnt a lot and developed new skills throughout the week” – Lucy, Year 10