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We Prowled, We Had Pizza, We Pranced


There were revellers aplenty last Saturday evening, enjoying A Prowl, A Pizza and A Prance. The weather could not have been better for the afternoon’s and evening’s programme.

This was the first time families were invited to complete the Quaker Walk, taking in sites in York which hold historical significance to the city’s Quaker community. Prowlers set off in groups from 2.30pm, and had the opportunity to learn more about Quaker history, scanning QR codes along the way. The QR codes revealed information and history about their specific location. Historical information was drawn from various sources, including the Rowntree Society, other archives and Quakers in Yorkshire.

Arriving back at school, they were greeted with sprawling lawns peppered with picnic tables, cold drinks and frozen treats from Graham’s Ices. Their proprietor shared a heart-warming story of her previous visit to The Mount, when she had been serving ice-creams all day. At the end of the day, three young pupils had approached the van and told her, “We noticed you’ve been working hard all day, and we think you deserve an ice-cream. Which is your favourite?” She told them her favourite flavour and they counted out change for her. She was sincerely touched by that act of kindness and was delighted to see the girls again on Saturday.

From 5pm, delicious gourmet pizzas were served by Dough Disciples, whose team was kept busy by guests until the dancing started from 7.30pm. Mr Dawson, Head of English and DJ extraordinaire, entertained the prancers on a dance floor festooned with fairylights, playing hit tunes that were popular with pupils and parents alike. The lawns emptied and the dancefloor flooded with people when Mr Dawson picked up his guitar, “Mr Dawson’s singing!” the girls shouted to each other in delight. The dancers did not stop until the final minute of what was a truly unforgettable evening.



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