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Year 8 Contest the Physics Olympics Competition


A team of Year 8 pupils took part in a Physics Olympics Competition earlier today.

They competed in five practical or experimental events that tested their problem solving and physics skills. They also too part in a Fermi quiz, estimating various values in physics.
“My favourite activity of the day was building a bridge out of Jenga bricks. It was really fun learning about pressure points on a try / fail basis. I also enjoyed trying to make the marbles go down a ramp as slowly as possible.” – Peggy
“My favourite activity was the Jenga tower because it showed off my skills as I play Jenga a lot. I have developed a love of Physics and doing this proved it. I would highly recommend this to the current Year 7 girls for next year.” – Lily 
“My favourite part and activity of the day was the wind turbine as we could experiment the different shapes and lengths of the wings of the turbine. I also really enjoyed the Jenga as we did lots of problem solving while trying to make the bridge.” – Emilia
“My favourite activity was the Jenga tower bridge building because I liked working as a team and problem solving and I also enjoyed the Generation Alpha Wind Turbine Challenge.” – Josephine