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Chloe Walks the Wainwrights


Year 8 pupil, Chloe triumphantly checked off her final walk of the 214 Wainwrights last month, a fantastic achievement she enjoyed along with her parents.  

With lockdown and the pandemic providing a brief interlude to their efforts, Chloe and family recently completed a hike of Scarfell Pike to mark the end of their momentous challenge.  

The idea of completing all 214 hikes was first introduced before Chloe was even born, as mum and dad began working their way through the list. When Chloe was born however, they decided to take a break from it, instead choosing to start again when they could have Chloe involved, insisting, it would be a fantastic achievement for them all to do together and would be good exercise for the family. Chloe recalls memories of her childhood walks, reminiscing “when I was really young, around aged 9, we did 8 peaks in a day when it was really windy, I was practically flying” 

Not content with just the 8 in one day, the family completed an impressive 10 peaks in a day, with Chloe maintaining it was her most difficult day of walking to date. “It was a really long walk and I was so tired afterwards. Luckily, we were staying in a nice hotel with a swimming pool and a sauna.” That being the most walks the trio have ever completed over 1 day.  

Recalling a lighter note, Chloe’s favourite climb was more recent. An “easy walk” with an amazing view of Ullswater over the top that you could see out across for ages. The impressive view beneath them was enough to convince Chloe and her family to return to Hallin Fell to camp there in future. Something Chloe is very much looking forward to. 

Her top tip to anyone planning on taking on the challenge, “Pack light, don’t take too much stuff with you but be prepared for the weather to change. I experienced very different variations of weather, from snow to rain and strong winds. Just make sure you check the weather before you set off!” 

Congratulations Chloe and family, a fantastic achievement and a wonderful way to create memories together! 

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