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Congratulations to our new House Captains!


This month we welcome the new House Captains, in College 1, Year 9 and Year 6 as the retiring House Captains prepare for their final assessments.

The School community owes an enormous thanks to Angel, CharlotteDenva, Eleanor, Elise, Georgia, Naomi and Sophie for their dedicated service to their respective Houses. Throughout an extraordinary year which saw two separate lockdowns and the introduction of social distancing, the Captains continued to inspire their Housemates and foster our unique sense of community. Thanks also goes to Millie, Morgan, Rebecca and Suki who were last year’s Year 9 House Captains.

Congratulations to the new House Captains, who are:

  • Cadbury: Martha and Tilly (College I); Lilia (Year 9); Hetty and Olivia (Year 6)
  • Fry: Gemma and Olivia (College I); Emma (Year 9); Amelia and Peggy (Year 6)
  • Rowntree: Caroline and Lottie (College I); Berlin (Year 9); Amelie and Alexia (Year 6)
  • Terry: Ruth and Sophie (College I); Harriet (Year 9); Emilia and Molly (Year 6)

The new Senior School House Captains kindly shared their thoughts with us.

Please tell us about your favourite House activities.

Tilly: One of my favourites would be Sports Day as I love the atmosphere. 

Sophie: I really enjoy Sports Day. It’s a wonderful team event and is even lovelier when the weather is sunny. Another event I always enjoy is the Great Mountie Bake Off. I love looking at the amazing creations and, sometimes, even participating 

Olivia: I enjoyed House Music; I loved the sense community it created within the House 

Lottie: House Singing and House Quiz. I think they allow the Houses to work together through the year groups, creating a nice environment. I also think they are the most fun of all the House competitions! 

Caroline: The House Music was really fun. I would love to do it again in the future. 

Ruth: House Quizzes! 

Berlin: My favourite House Competitions have to be the Christmas Quiz and the Swimming Gala.  They are great fun and my friends and I, from different Houses, get to have somewhat of a competition.   

Gemma: I am a new student to The Mount so I haven’t had the opportunity to experience many House events. However, I have heard the House Music Competition which took place last year was a big success between students and teachers alike. Perhaps a covidsafe version of the event could be replicated this year.  

Lilia: I absolutely love any Inter-House Competition that involves the performing arts, whether that be when we’ve sung, danced or even enjoyed the Talent Contest in Junior School.

What are you most looking forward to about being a House Captain?

Tilly: Interacting with all the different year groups. 

Sophie: I look forward to helping with future events and being a role model for the younger students. 

Olivia: I am looking forward to planning future events and getting to know the younger girls. 

Lottie: I am excited to be able to interact with the younger years. I’d also like to become more confident with speaking to groups of people. 

Caroline: I’m most excited about interacting with the younger year groups. 

Ruth: I am looking forward organising amazing events, providing entertainment and working together with pupils. I hope we can bring happiness and positivity, despite the current learning situation and distancing restrictions.  

Berlin: I like to help organise events and be involved in the creating events. I am also excited to help girls in younger years. 

Gemma: The thing I most look forward to about being House Captain is making a difference in the school and supporting our local community which has been tested so much during this time 

Lilia: I am looking forward to the leadership responsibilities, being a role model and keeping an eye out for the younger girls.

What do you like most about your House?

Tilly: The atmosphere and how everyone always wants to do their best. 

Sophie: I love that Terrys created the Chocolate Orange, one of my favourite chocolates! There has always been a strong community in Terrysthey always throw themselves into any challenges and events. 

Olivia: I love that Frys has a strong community spirit that they channel into all the activities they take part in. 

Lottie: I like how we always try our best, and never get upset about where we come in a competition, because we enjoy it so much. 

Caroline: I love the enthusiasm from Rowntrees. There’s a good community spirit. 

Ruth: I like the colour, and of course my fellow schoolmates who actively took part in many activities. Our House is strong and united. 

Berlin: I love how positive and thoughtful my House is.  When I first came to the School in Year 7, I was welcomed so nicely by this House, so I am glad to be one of many representatives in Rowntree House. 

GemmaAs I have said I am new to the school so before now I had never heard to Quaker philanthropist Elizabeth Fry but, after short research, I will not be forgetting her anytime soon! She visited prisons and was shocked by the condition of the children and women present so she ignored the current belief that due to their crimes they should be counted as lesser people. She instead set up classes to teach skills to the prisoners and encouraged a movement among other privileged women to help. She formed various charities and spoke in Parliament, using her position in society to improve the life of prisoners both in the UK and abroad. So the thing I like most about my House is the role model it’s based upon, and the values she and her family convey. 

Lilia: Obviously Cadbury’s chocolate is the best, need I say more?

Anything else you’d like to mention?

Sophie: I’m happy to have this opportunity. 

Lottie: No, I am just excited and cannot wait! 

Berlin: I am really happy to be chosen for House Captain and very thankful as well! 

Lilia: The current and previous Cadbury’s House Captains have set such a high bar to follow, so I hope I can do as good of a job as they have.

The new House Captains. Most of these photos were taken during our 2020 Hallween Dress Up Day!