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D&T Projects Tackle Home Working & Alternative Energy


As the GCSE Design projects draw to a close the Workshop has remained a hive of activity throughout the year. As part of their studies, D&T pupils have been working on projects based on the themes of Alternative Energy and Home Working.

They were given the choice of which they explored further, and tasked with created something to achieve a specific aim.The themes and their aims were:

Alternative energy  

  • Exploring how can products be used to promote the use of electric vehicles in everyday life?  

Harriet in Year 11 selected to redesign and adapt a go cart for a child to use. She included more sustainable components and mimicked the process of charging an electric vehicle after use. The concept being, if children see electric charging as the way to fuel cars, they are more likely to buy one in the future. 

Home working 

  • How can products be used to improve a teenager’s study area at home? Or,
  • How can products be used to encourage adults to work from home? 

Beatrice, Isabella and Chloe in Year 11 chose “Home Working Environments”, specifically improving a teenage study area at home. 

Beatrice chose to explore a portable study station with an adjustable worktop and storage that can be used at a desk or sat on a bed. Isabella created a study station that can be mounted on a wall to save space with a pull-down desk. The study station can be used when standing or sitting, ideal for extended use. Elsewhere, Chloe worked on a portable multi-angled iPad/laptop stand that can turn any area of the home into a study environment for teenagers.

Their thoughtful responses have explored a wide-range of innovative designs culminating in fantastic high-quality final outcomes. They have further developed their understanding of the design and manufacture process and can evaluate their work based on the criteria outlined in a specification.  

Well done to all Design Technology students who have produced some amazing work this academic year.

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