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Early Years Explore the Human Body


Last week pupils in Early Years began learning about the human body as part of their Explore, Discover, Create curriculum, in an exciting biology-based study that traverses over two weeks. 

The girls completed a skeleton jigsaw, which introduced them to their new topic. Eva explained that the job of the skeleton is to hold us up, prompting a wonderful discussion in which they queried other aspects of the human body. Ottilie surmised that we also require muscles to move, adding another important element to the group’s findings. Scarlett queried how the blood stayed inside, and Sienna suggested that they add some skin to keep all the bones, muscles and blood inside, where they belong. 

Week One of this exploration concluded with the girls drawing around each other’s bodies, labelling the different body parts that they were already aware of and discovering that they could count to 10 with their hands and also with their toes. It was then time to delve into the inside of the body, represented in jelly form. They found vital organs, discovered what each was called and learned the important role each organ played within the human body.  

Over the next two weeks, the girls will create a new display of all their findings, including a self-portrait. We can’t wait to see what their final creations include as they continue to learn. This week they will discuss the heart and the lungs.

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