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International Women’s Day: Victories, Voices & Giving Back


The Mount School champions women and girls every day, International Women’s Day on Friday, March 8, gives us a powerful platform to amplify that message! 

International Women’s Day (IWD) is a significant day when people around the world come together to recognise the achievements of women and girls, whilst also acknowledging the struggles women continue to face worldwide.  

This International Women’s Day, we’re celebrating The Mount School’s incredible work in empowering women and tackling their challenges – and this is just a glimpse of this week, imagine what we achieve in a year! 

Champions on the Court. 2 wins in 2 days!
Mount Netballers have had much to celebrate this week. The U15 Netball team claimed victory in the York Schools Netball League. An exciting, nail-biting match saw The Mount scoop a victory with an exciting match against Bootham School. The team will now go on to represent York in the regional competition.  

Not to be left behind, the U18 team won the Silcoates Invitational Tournament. In a thrilling display of skill and determination, The Mount girls showcased their exceptional talent and cohesive teamwork. 

Miss Newman and Mrs Greenwood were delighted with both teams ‘We are so immensely proud of our talented teams. We look forward to seeing what these champions can achieve next. What a week!” 

Former Pupils Lead Careers Week.
Careers Week at The Mount coincides with International Women’s Day, creating a week of exceptional inspiration. Mount pupils were treated to a series of talks by female leaders who not only excel in their fields but are also proud alumnae of The Mount. This unique opportunity allowed our pupils to connect with successful women who share a similar background, making their journeys more relatable and empowering. 

Over breaks and lunchtimes, pupils had the chance to choose from a wide range of talks. From navigating Climate & Risk Adaptation to exploring careers in Nursing, PeaceJam, the travel industry, and the legal field, the topics catered to a variety of interests. Following each talk, pupils actively participated in Q&A sessions, allowing them to delve deeper into the realities and rewards of these diverse career paths. 

Visitors included Isabelle Guyler, a consultant in climate risk and adaptation at WSP, Eleanor Emuss, a Group Company Secretary for a law firm and Lorna Mcleod, Associate Regional Vice President at HelmsBriscoe. 

Uganda 50 Exhibit & Workshops Spark Empathy in Young Minds
On Monday we were honoured to welcome Shamim and Fazila from Uganda 50. This is a travelling exhibition with workshops that sheds light on the experiences of Ugandan Asian refugees. 

Shamim, a representative from Uganda 50 York, shared her family’s story with pupils from Years 3 to 7. To bring history to life, she also led engaging workshops where pupils experienced the challenge of packing quickly with limited belongings, just like those forced to flee Uganda. 

The visit was further enriched by Fazila, another speaker from Uganda 50. She brought a personal touch by sharing tiny, handmade dolls; precious keepsakes she carried with her when she arrived in Birmingham fifty years ago, before making York her permanent home. 

We were particularly impressed by the thoughtful questions posed by our younger Junior pupils, demonstrating their empathy and insightful understanding of the topic. 

Luna said, “It must have been so difficult to pack just a handful of things in a small suitcase and not be allowed certain, even essential things, like medicine and food and water.” 

Eliza said, “It was sad to hear how people had to leave their homes and families in a rush, and how different people can experience such difficult things in other parts of the world.”  

Year 10 Volunteers Make a Difference at Yorkits Workshop
Year 10 pupils joined a team of inspirational volunteers at York Minster to construct handmade sanitary products for those in need.  

Each year girls in Year 10 volunteer their services to support the community workshop, organised by Yorkits. The project brings together volunteers to construct washable, easy to use, feminine hygiene kits for girls in developing countries. Without access to proper sanitary products, many women are often shamed for their menstrual cycle and are often forced to miss out on their education during this time.   

Once again, the community project successfully united volunteers of all ages and backgrounds in helping to make a real difference to others. The volunteers talked about their experiences and what the project means to them.   

Ditch the Bag, Support a Cause
College pupils chose to celebrate International Women’s Day with a twist! This year, the College Leadership Team got creative, introducing ‘Anything But a Bag Day’. To mark the occasion, they challenged senior school pupils to ditch their backpacks and bring their school supplies in anything but a bag.

The response was a hilarious display of ingenuity. Pupils turned up with everything from wheelbarrows, giant teddy bears, toolboxes, vintage prams to trusty cardboard boxes!

But beyond the fun, this “wacky idea” had a serious purpose. A £1 donation was the price of admission for this unique carry-all competition. The funds raised will be split in two, supporting two important causes: providing free period products in-school and donating to Yorkits. 

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