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Introducing ‘Small is Beautiful’ – The Summer Festival 


The Mount School are celebrating ‘all things small’ to mark the end of the school term as they host a summer festival with multiple activities arranged in various locations across the school and the local area.  

Each year the school summer festival allows pupils in Senior School to reflect and engage in opportunities that will actively encourage them to make a positive contribution to our ever-changing environment and to improve their mental health and wellbeing.  

Summer Festival Mission Statement: 
  • Provide opportunities to improve mental and physical health through activities focused on the outdoors and local environment. 
  • Encourage pupils and staff to use their imagination to make a positive contribution to our changing world 
  • Promote an understanding and appreciation of our local environment  
  • Foster a love of nature and grow the will and confidence to protect it 

The theme of “small is beautiful” aims to remind the girls that beneficial changes, no matter how small and insignificant they may seem, can make a real difference if everyone gets involved. To ignite the festival celebrations, pupils will first engage in a period of contemplation as they get together to ponder different ‘What if scenarios’ – Suggesting some thoughtful topics of conversation, Head of Humanities, Miss Cook shared ideas such as, what if We designed the school for beauty?’ OrThe school was designed to promote the well-being of all living things’ in the hopes of getting their imaginations going and generating conversations of change.  

With a packed schedule of activities to explore, and ample dedicated space for relaxation and meditation, the ‘Small is beautiful Summer Festival’ will provide the perfect opportunity for pupils to think creatively about the minor changes they could make in their lives that could have a significant impact on their outlook on the environment and their overall wellbeing.  

The event will take place over two days this week, concluding with an end of term meeting in the hall, and a presentation of ideas that will be shared amongst each other. We cannot wait to hear what interesting and creative ideas the girls can produce. 

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