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Year 6 First Aid Training


Year 6 pupils took part in valuable First Aid training on Thursday. They learnt how to deliver chest compressions and to operate crucial emergency defibrillators.

With the help of ‘Little Annie’ mannequins, the girls were shown how to administer chest compressions and breathe work, before having a go themselves. Divided into pairs, they took turns leading the call for help and delivering the potentially lifesaving procedure.

First Aid instructor, Mrs Astle, demonstrated how to use a defibrillator and explained where we keep ours in School and how different types can be accessed. Following the training the girls were able to answer questions about the device and had some thoughtful questions of their own.  

“How would you know if someone was an adult or a child if you couldn’t tell straight away?”– Agnes 

“You would put the second pad in that position because down there if it fires to the other pad higher up it will go through the heart” – Clemmie 

“Don’t touch when checking for a heartbeat because it might pick up yours and it will confuse the system” – Clemmie 

“You also can’t touch the casualty when the defibrillator is in use because it is electrocuting them, and you will dilute the shock.” – Jess 

As many of the children had seen defibrillators at their local swimming pool they were keen to know what would happen if the casualty had been swimming. When learning about the importance of removing any clothing to use the machine properly, Clemmie thoughtfully asked; “If it was someone that was in a pool would you have to dry them off first so that the water and the electricity will not be affected?” 

Each pupil listened intently to the advice of the instructor, leaving the lesson feeling confident in their newfound First Aid knowledge.  

“We are very lucky that we have had Mrs Astle to train us and if we were in a bad situation, we might be able to save a life” – Agnes 

“I’m very thankful to have been taught this” – Alexandra  

“It was a bit funny to start with but then I realised how important it is that we can do it” – Lorelei  

“It is important so that if I was on a walk, we would know what to do” – Jess 

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