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Junior School Make Delicious Fresh Focaccia


Pupils in the Junior School rose to the occasion this morning as they helped to prepare focaccia for them to take home and enjoy with family. 

The children first learnt the process of bread-making from the Wilson Vale caterers before they rolled up their sleeves and had a go for themselves. They listened intently as they learnt the importance of dimpling air bubbles to their dough and how this would help to ensure the perfect rise.  

Once the basics were covered, the messy bit began. The girls got to work perfecting their creations with plenty of oil and seasoning. Rosemary was the herb of choice for this particular bake, the distinct smell was quickly identified as some of the children had some growing in their gardens at home. 

“It feels so squishy” – Mary 

“It looks like playdoh” – Ari 

“I have rosemary in my garden” – Emily  

“Look how many air bubbles I have in mine”– Arabella

“They’re a bit like oily swimming pools” – Mira  

Once everyone was happy with their bread, they labelled it up and waited for it to be popped in the oven. The girls were very excited to collect their freshly baked bread at the end of the day. They will be able to take it home to share with their family, if they can resist the delicious smell until then. 


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