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Moana Mindfulness and Messy Play


Early Years children paid reference to Mental Health Awareness Week last week as they took part in a relaxing and mindful yoga session on Friday morning, before an afternoon of messy play.  

The girls were taken on a Moana adventure, they had lots of fun learning some new moves and channelling their inner goddess, just like Disney’s Te Fiti. Regular practice of yoga is not only something Mount girls look forward to, but it also allows them to enjoy the physical, mental and emotional benefits of mindfulness and meditation from an early age. 

After exchanging their library books, the girls headed out for some welcome fresh air with Reception and Year 1, before heading back to the classroom for an afternoon of messy play! 

By carefully measuring out the mixture and taking it in turns to stir, the girls helped Miss Tanner to make play dough before adding in their own scent and colour to make it that extra bit more fun to play with.  

The creativity did not end there as the children and Mrs Sutcliffe each made a puppet from a wooden spoon. They firstly coloured their spoons, before selecting coloured string for the hair and carefully placing googly eyes and pipe cleaners for arms. By adding faces to their spoon puppets, they were able to use them as part of their group discussion. The puppets helped the girls to talk about emotions during a role play session – with one side of the spoon puppet having a happy face, and the was sad.

In the messy tray, the girls had a go at finger painting to help form the letters learnt in Phonics, trying to think of words beginning with each unique sound.  

To close a very busy and jam-packed day, pupils painted some flowers that they had been kindly gifted.  

To see how all the girls got on with making their play dough and spoon puppets, view the full gallery 

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