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Snowdonia National Park Residential


A level Geography and Biology pupils joined forces last week as they embarked on a residential field trip to Snowdonia National Park, Wales.

The girls spent four days at the Field Studies Centre, Betws-y-Coed, North Wales. Situated within the beautifully rugged landscape of Snowdonia National Park, the Centre allows visitors to get back to nature and discover more about the environment, so that they can make informed decisions on how best to protect it and preserve its beauty.

College II pupils ahead of their trip to Betws-y-Coed, North Wales.

With Conservation Management and Glaciation a key element of the curriculum, pupils explored Cwm Idwal and Harlech to investigate sand dune succession. Here they were able to apply their theoretical knowledge to a practical setting, giving the girls a deeper understanding of the topics they cover in lessons.  

The combination of practical learning and theoretical knowledge was of great benefit, with the girls commenting on how the trip helped them to better understand the requirements of their courses and Non-exam Assessment.  

Pupils were keen to stress just how much they enjoyed the trip, and what they learnt: 

“I loved the day that we went to the sand dune and walked on the beach. It was interesting that there were jellyfish on the sand” – Angel 

“This is the most amazing and meaningful trip I have been taken on! Also, the sheep were so cute!” – Jasmine 

“I have had such a great time getting a better understanding of research techniques for my NEA whilst enjoying the Welsh landscape” – Romilly 

“I found all the data collection techniques and tips for my NES so helpful! I had so much fun exploring the environments too – especially the beach” – Kveta  

“My favourite day was when we went to Cwm Idwal to look at glacial features such as striations in rocks and conservation techniques such as exclusion zones. It was very windy, and we even put our faces in the tarn – which was very cold!” – Rosie  

“I have really enjoyed the beautiful scenery, from woodland and mountains to the beach.” Georgiana 

“The day at the beach was lovely and really made the topic of succession come to life – I am so grateful to Georgia, Jenny and Julia and all the staff at the Field Studies Centre for making us feel so welcome.” – Sophie  

“I particularly enjoyed our final day, getting hands on with systematic sampling, identifying macroinvertebrates and getting wet!” – Katie  

“I had such a great time! My favourite day was exploring the sand dune formations and developing biodiversity in the area. I can’t wait to transfer the skills I have learnt into my NEA.” –  Louisa  

“I have had such a fun week! I have gained new understanding on different research methods which will help me with my NEA! My favourite parts of the trip were bat watching and practicing my Welsh accent.” – Izzy 

“I really enjoyed the trip and learnt so many useful skills and sampling techniques and was able to practice and perfect these. This is so good as will be able to use these skills in Biology and Psychology research methods. Overall, it was a really useful, fun and enjoyable trip.” – Eleanor

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