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Nurturing Nutcrackers Announced For Senior School


Year 7 and 8 girls were partnered with their new ‘nutcracker’ this week, in an initiative that sees our younger Senior School pupils paired with a College girl to help mentor and guide them as they navigate the latter stages of school.  

Nutcrackers are a long-standing tradition at The Mount School and represents a buddy system that encourages interactions and support from across the different year groups. Now the eldest year group in the School, College II can share their experiences of the school and offer useful help and guidance to the younger generation. 

It’s between College and Years 7 and 8 to make sure that they are settling in well. In College I you are paired with a year 7 and then you move up with them into year 8”.  – Izzy, College II 

You are paired with the same person for two years, if they have any troubles or worries then they can give you a quick message and an email, and we also give them chocolate which they love! – Ruby, College II 

Undoubtedly beneficial for girls new to the school, pupils in College also champion the partnership, with many of them reminiscing on fond memories with their nutcrackers from Year 7. “It’s good to have that connection with College right from the start, I still see Sophie, my nutcracker now outside of school” – Ruby 

I remember my nutcracker from when I was in year 7, it’s quite weird now I’m older now – it’s crazy! I have been able to help my nutcracker as she is new here, and I was also new to the school in year 7. – Afsha 

Eleanor, also in College II added that the main benefit she found was, “Having someone much older than you to support you and offer things like academic advice.” 

The girls were quick to share gifts with one another, with some offering chocolate to their new friends and others opening handwritten letters and personalised treats.

“When I started the school it was nice to get a nutcracker because I felt like I wasn’t just alone and I could ask her about stuff in Year 7, I’m in year 8 now and the most helpful thing about having a nutcracker is that she can come to you if you have something going on in your year or if you have any questions” – Amelie, partnered with Ruby. 

It’s nice to have someone to talk to outside of your friends, there’s different dynamics – Minnie Year 8 and Nessa College II 

I came to the school new in year 5 – my nutcracker has been lots of help so far. – Edith, Year 7 

I quite like getting to know the younger years because when you have something like this it’s nice to get to know them because we are able to learn a little bit more about them and we can catch up with them as we see them around the hall and things like that. Its really nice. – Rebecca, College I 

I like having a nutcracker so that I can go to them and ask any advice, I would talk to them about a mixture of schoolwork and just general advice – Melanie, Year 8  

I know my nutcracker from before today because we are in the boarding house together, she is always on hand to help me out if I have any questions – Eleanore, Year 7 

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