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The Snow Queen Enchants Mount School Audiences


The Senior School production was a wonderful success with great attendance on both nights.

Pupils from Year 7 through to College II gave strong performances over two nights, working as a team with only nineteen rehearsals across five months. The result was a superb evening of entertainment, with some stand out performances of both acting and singing.

The Snow Queen follows the enchanting tale of childhood friends Gerda and Kay. When Kay falls under the spell of a magical mirror, turning cold and indifferent, the mysterious Snow Queen kidnaps him. Gerda embarks on a courageous journey through a magical world, encountering talking animals and helpful allies. Her unwavering love and purity of heart ultimately triumph, melting the Snow Queen‘s icy grip and bringing warmth back into their lives.

The moving play explored the enduring themes of friendship, love, loyalty, resilience and overcoming hardship and challenges.

The play was complimented by the fact that real snow lay on the beautiful Mounts grounds on Thursday!

Head of Drama, Kim Buckley, said:

“To achieve this standard of drama in under twenty rehearsals is incredible. The girls have shown such resilience and dedication, and I’m so proud of this performance, which echoes the traditions of previous plays held long ago at The Mount.”

Head of Senior School, Bridget Perks, said:

“The energy, confidence and humour shone out. Well done to all who took part.”

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