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Woodland Adventure for our Boarders


Our Boarders enjoyed an epic adventure at The Woodland Adventure Company near Stamford Bridge yesterday! They had an absolute blast bonding in the great outdoors.

The day began with an adrenaline-pumping game of hide and seek but with a twist! Our boarding staff wielded water pistols, turning the woods into a giant, watery battleground.

The girls then embraced their inner explorers. They learned essential bushcraft skills, carving sticks into arrows. Armed with their handmade arrows, our adventurers tested their aim in outdoor archery. Precision, focus, and coordination were put to the test, making every shot a thrill!

What’s an adventure without a sweet ending? The day concluded with a marshmallow-toasting session. Warm, gooey, and utterly delicious, it was the perfect way to create lasting memories.

These outdoor experiences not only strengthened friendships but also equipped our boarders with valuable skills and memories for a lifetime. Here’s to more adventures ahead!

Boarding at The Mount
Boarding life at The Mount is an enriching experience. We provide an environment where each girl is respected and valued. They are well cared for in a calm and caring community, giving them every opportunity to flourish, developing their independence and confidence.

Being a boarder at The Mount adds another dimension to the school experience with friendships from the Boarding House often lasting a lifetime.


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