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Year 11 Discuss Diversity with ITV News


GCSE English pupils were interviewed by ITV News last week to offer their opinions on the current texts used as part of the GCSE English literature curriculum. 

The topic was introduced by ITV Calendar News and is centred around the current texts and resources offered by exam boards, and whether they are representative of modern society.  

Four pupils and English teacher, Ms Nuttall, volunteered to take part in the interesting conversation and each offered up their honest opinion. Having recently sat their mock English literature exam, the pupils were familiar with the texts and had plenty to discuss. 

Sharing her thoughts first, Elisha felt that the texts on offer could do more to make everyone feel represented.“They don’t represent everyone and that makes me sad. I feel excluded at times and my history is not portrayed.” On how to tackle the problem, she added; “Consider adding more diverse authors” and “Include more female authors and those that emigrated to the UK. There are currently many ethnic minorities that are underrepresented.”  

Libby, the next pupil to face the camera echoed a similar sentiment, she too felt the distinct lack of female representation on the list of texts, sharing “There was only one female author that we could choose from and that was Jane Austen. It is very limited and not that inspiring, it is so important to widen the offering so that it shows a modern society.” 

Siân, Harriet and English teacher, Ms Nuttall also interviewed and will share in further detail their thoughts on the lack of diversity in the English literature curriculum.

To hear more of what they had to say, you can watch the interview in full on ITV News channels locally at 6pm on Wednesday 10 May.  

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