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Junior School explore the power of music


What do Frozen and Elgar have in common? Is music powerful? Can music change the way you feel? With these questions in mind, The Mount Junior School girls have begun their project to explore the power of Music on our emotions. 

In their Music lessons last week Junior School girls explored how music can change your emotions and feelings. This week they are are now focussing on how, even when someone suffers from dementia and the brain forgets to do things, the brain can still remember music, because it is so powerful.

Making Music

Paul Harvey went viral, when his son Nick posted a video online of an ‘old party trick’ where Paul (a former music teacher living with dementia) composed a song Four Notes from just four notes. This was then picked up by BBC Radio 4 and arranged for the BBC Philharmonic Orchestra. Using Four Notes as the stimulus, Junior School pupils have been asked to ‘create emotion using four notes’. The Junior School pupils have the freedom to show their learning in any way they choose. Some are keen to use their instrument and either combine it with GarageBand or record a more traditional piece using just instruments.

We are not the only ones who look forward to hearing where this journey will lead them.  . . The children were delighted when Nick Harvey, Paul’s Son replied to a tweet from the Junior School saying ‘Wonderful. Please let me know how you get on. x’

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