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Prehistoric Dressing Up Day


Junior School pupils in Year 1 – 6 took part in a prehistoric dressing up day as they raided their wardrobes for historic themed attire for their EDC (Explore, Discover, Create) lesson on Thursday.

The dressing up day was the ‘wow what a start’ activity to their Creative Curriculum history topic entitled ‘Quick call the doctor!’. Within this exciting new topic, the girls will explore the changes in medicine throughout history. 

Yesterday’s introductory creative learning activity was ‘Imagine you are prehistoric witch doctors or shamans. Create a dance and chant to cure an ailment and heal your patient.’  

Within their Houses, the girls worked together to share ideas as to what they thought might scare away any evil spirits that were harming the poorly patient. Using exaggerated movements and lots of loud scary voices, the girls performed their chants to one another, with everyone in agreement that any evil spirits would have been suitably warned off.  

The afternoons activity certainly had the ‘wow’ factor with the girls, as they shared their favourite parts of the lesson. 

“We don’t normally play with the people in our house so it’s really nice to do things we’ve people we would not normally, across different year groups.” – Agnes, Year 6 

I really enjoyed being with my friends in my house because I have some friends in year 6 who are in my house, but I don’t often play with them. – Nora, Year 4 

“I really liked doing the cartwheels and the gymnastics in our dance” – Faye, Year 4 

“I liked that our dance had different bits in it that the spirits might not have seen before so they would have been scared and taken by surprise” – Clemmie, Year 6  

I do not think the evil spirits would have liked loud noises and lots of the dances had loud shouting and dance moves that made lots of noise.” – Izzy, Year 4 

“I think our scary faces would have scared the evil spirits away” – Brooke, year 1 

As part of this topic, pupils will enjoy a range of other exciting opportunities and visits, including an upcoming visit to Thackray Museum of Medicine in Leeds, and guest speakers from medical professionals. 

Prehistoric Day Gallery  

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