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Ruby’s Rugby Success – The Sport All Women Should Try!


Ruby, College I, helped to lead her team to victory in a National 7s event at Castle Donnington. Representing Selby RUFC, Ruby and her teammates came out on top in the competition, attended by various UK wide teams’ last weekend.  

The event was held over 2 days and was attended by hundreds of spectators, with each game averaging a crowd of 300-400 people. Those in attendance include many rugby scholars who were keen to celebrate the incredibly high standard in play from Selby RUFC, and the skill set and attitude that was on show.  

“It was a very proud moment for all the parents of the girls involved.” – Ruby’s father praised.  

Ruby and her teammates did not let the busy schedule hinder their performance. Playing an impressive 6 games over the 2 days, with an added bonus of camping in between, the U18 ladies team put up a fierce fight and won the tournament. 

Having played from a young age, and being an avid fan for even longer, Ruby is keen to get more females involved in rugby. “I would like to see more female coaches, especially for the men and not just the women’s teams. A coach is the highest role you can get in that sporting world, and you only see men doing it – it would be great to see females leading.” 

Keen to echo the sentiments of accomplished female athletes, Ruby draws inspiration from players such as England Rugby Union player, Zoe Aldcroft and American Soccer player, Alex Morgan. Each use their strong social media presence to promote and encourage females in sport.  

Females in Sport 

At The Mount School York, sport is an integral part of the curriculum and pupils are encouraged to participate in a range of sports, both inside and outside the school environment. Ruby confirms, “Here you get the support and encouragement to go and join a male dominated sport. You have the mentality and empowerment embedded into you to do stuff in sports.” 

Her advice for anyone apprehensive about joining a sports club, “Just go for it and don’t be too scared to get stuck in because it is a really good thing. You meet so many nice girls, you are part of a team, and you get a sense of leadership. I am now captain for next year so that’s a great accomplishment.” 

In celebration of positive female role models in sport, we look forward to welcoming World Champion Kayaker, Ottilie Robinson-Shaw to the school later this week, as she comes to speak with pupils about her achievements and to raise funds for the Sports for Champions initiative.


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